Free Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet

anxiety-thermometer-free-worksheet-downloadThe “Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet” is a tool designed to help children understand and communicate their levels of anxiety. The worksheet uses a thermometer analogy to scale worries from small to large, aiding in identifying and planning how to address them. This is particularly useful for children who experience anxiety in various situations.

The thermometer has different levels, each representing a state of feeling, ranging from ‘calm’ to ‘anxious’. Children are encouraged to express what makes them feel worried or anxious by associating these feelings with specific situations. For example, they might feel ‘a bit bothered’ when a parent is late picking them up or ‘very worried’ when they have to leave their parents for school.

The worksheet is designed to be reusable, especially if laminated, allowing children to mark their current level of anxiety with a dry wipe pen. This free downloadable tool is a simple yet effective way for children to visualise and communicate their feelings, helping caregivers or educators to understand and support them better.