Free ‘Ruby’s Worry’: Storybook for Children

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF RUBY'S WORRY: STORYBOOK FOR CHILDREN“Ruby’s Worry” by Tom Percival. It is a children’s book that deals with the important topic of mental health, specifically anxiety and worries. The story follows a young girl named Ruby who one day discovers a worry. At first, it is small, but as she tries to ignore it, the worry grows bigger and starts to affect her daily life.

The book is particularly useful for helping children understand and talk about their feelings, especially worries and anxieties. It teaches them that it is okay to have worries and that sharing their concerns with others can help make these worries smaller and more manageable. The illustrations and simple language make it accessible and engaging for young readers.

This book could be a valuable resource for social workers, educators, and parents to help children open up about their feelings and learn to cope with anxiety. It is a good example of how complex emotional issues can be communicated in a simple and relatable way.