Managing Worry: Young Person’s Fact Sheet

Managing Worry: Young Person's Fact SheetThe “Managing Worry: Young Person’s Fact Sheet” is a practical guide designed to help young people understand and manage their worries. It explains that worry is a normal emotion but can become problematic when it interferes with daily life, affecting social interactions, academic performance, sleep, and mood. The fact sheet introduces the concept of the worry cycle and provides strategies to break it by changing thoughts and behaviours.

Key features include:

  1. Classification of Worries: Differentiates between hypothetical worries (beyond immediate control) and practical worries (current situations that can be managed).
  2. Worry Diary: Encourages keeping a diary to track worries and identify their types.
  3. Worry Time: Suggests setting aside specific times each day to focus on worries, reducing their impact during the rest of the day.
  4. Problem Solving: Offers a step-by-step guide to tackle practical worries effectively.
  5. The Worry Tree: A visual tool to help decide whether to use problem-solving techniques or let go of the worry.
  6. Top Tips for Managing Worry: Includes practical activities like creating a worry box, talking to someone, engaging in physical activity, and using mindfulness techniques.

Overall, this fact sheet provides a structured approach to managing worry, promoting healthier thought patterns and coping mechanisms.