Explaining Anxiety and Worries to Kids Using Worrypuffs

Below are two engaging resources developed by Happiful Kids to assist children in understanding and managing their feelings of anxiety and worry. These tools are designed to make the concepts of anxiety and worry more accessible and manageable for young minds.

Introducing WorryPuffs SheetIntroducing WorryPuffs Sheet

This illustrated sheet brings the abstract concept of anxiety to life through the imaginative idea of “Worrypuffs”. These small, fluffy characters symbolise the various worries a child might experience. The resource gently guides children to recognise and articulate their feelings, encouraging them to express their anxieties through talking, writing, or drawing. This approach helps children understand that worries are a normal part of life and can be managed effectively.

The Worry Tree Worksheet

“The Worry Tree” is an interactive worksheet that provides a tangible way for children to address their worries. It encourages them to write down their anxieties on Worrypuff illustrations and place them on the tree. This symbolic act aims to help children ‘release’ their worries, facilitating a conversation about their feelings and teaching them that sharing and discussing worries can lighten their emotional load.

Together, these resources offer a comprehensive approach to helping children navigate and cope with feelings of anxiety and worry in a healthy, constructive manner.

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