Free Mighty Moe: An Anxiety Workbook for Children

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF MIGHTY MOE: AN ANXIETY WORKBOOK FOR CHILDREN“Mighty Moe: An Anxiety Workbook for Children” is a valuable resource designed for children aged 5-11 to help them understand and manage anxiety. The workbook uses a relatable story about Mighty Moe to enhance the child’s understanding of anxiety-related content. The language and concepts in this workbook are simplified and concrete, making it accessible to children.

Important notes for facilitators emphasise the need for adult guidance, such as a parent, counsellor, or qualified mental health professional, when a child is using this workbook. The Mighty Moe workbook uses the term “BIG feelings” to refer to anxiety, allowing children to attach their own meaning to their experience of anxiety, which can manifest as various emotions like anger or intense sadness.

The Mighty Moe workbook offers a range of tools and activities to help children manage anxiety, including body-mind-feeling chains, body cues, healthy choices, relaxation techniques, positive thinking, and more. These tools are presented in a fun and engaging manner, making them child-friendly.

Overall, “Mighty Moe” provides a structured and supportive approach for children to explore and manage their anxiety. It is an essential resource for both children and the adults guiding them through this process.


  • Story of Mighty Moe
  • Book of Mighty Big Feelings
  • What Big Feelings Do
  • What Big Feelings Say
  • Body-Mind-Feeling Chain
  • Body Cues
  • Body Tool #1: Healthy Choices
  • Body Tool #2: Relax
  • Thinking Tool #1: Positive Thoughts
  • Thinking Tool #2: Put it on Paper
  • Feeling Tool #1: Calm Down Plan
  • Feeling Tool #2: Special Plan
  • Putting it all Together
  • Problem Solving