Free ‘The Worry Toolkit: Worksheets for Children’

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF THE WORRY TOOLKIT: WORKSHEETS FOR CHILDRENThis is a 22 page workbook aimed at helping children manage anxiety and worries. It contains worksheets and activities to help children identify, understand and cope with anxiety.

The workbook starts with an ‘All About Me’ section for children to fill in details about themselves and things they enjoy. There are then pages explaining what worry is, that it is normal, and how the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response works.

A section called ‘How I Feel Worry’ helps children identify physical symptoms of anxiety by highlighting or colouring in from a detailed list. The Calm Down Kit suggests items children can collect to help them relax and self-soothe when feeling anxious.

There are pages of suggested relaxation strategies for children to try such as deep breathing, meditation, exercise, drawing, humour. The Strength Cards activity helps children identify and reinforce their positive qualities.

Instructions are provided for making a Breathing Star tool to practice breathing exercises. The workbook finishes with recommended books and internet resources for further help.

The workbook provides a comprehensive set of materials and advice to educate children about anxiety and equip them with strategies to manage worry. The interactive nature makes it engaging. It would be a valuable resource for teachers, counsellors and parents supporting children with anxiety issues.

Worksheets included:

  • All about me
  • What is worry
  • How I feel worry
  • The Calm Down Kit
  • Relaxation cards
  • Strength cards
  • Breathing Star