Free Child Anxiety Workbook for Parents

Free Child Anxiety Workbook for ParentsThe “Child Anxiety Workbook for Parents” is a resourceful guide developed by the Richmond Child Wellbeing Service, incorporating materials from CHUMS. This workbook is designed to help parents understand and support their children through anxiety issues. It includes:

  • An overview of common worries children have at different developmental stages, linking these fears to brain development and life experiences.
  • A section on understanding anxiety in children, including how to differentiate normal worry from problematic anxiety.
  • Explanations of the fight or flight response and the worry cycle, providing insight into how children react to fear and anxiety.
  • Strategies for parents to discover what their children are worried about, using techniques like asking specific questions, using active and reflective listening, and thought balancing.
  • Guidance on avoiding excessive reassurance and instead helping children evaluate their worries realistically.
  • Techniques for dealing with avoidance, such as encouraging children to face their fears in small, manageable steps, along with a step-by-step guide for this process.
  • Relaxation techniques and controlled breathing exercises to help children calm down during anxious moments.
  • Suggestions for problem-solving with anxious children, including how to support them in identifying problems and coming up with solutions.

This workbook is a comprehensive tool for parents, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical advice to assist them in effectively supporting their anxious children.