Six-week Teen Anxiety Course: Free Materials for Facilitators

Six-week Teen Anxiety Course: Free Materials for Facilitators

The “Six-week Teen Anxiety Course: Free Materials for Facilitators” is a comprehensive program aimed at helping teenagers manage and overcome anxiety. This course, developed by the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network, is structured over six weeks and includes a variety of topics and strategies based on well-researched and effective methods.

Key aspects of the course include:

  1. Information Overview: The course begins with a mandatory information session for parents in the first week, setting the foundation for understanding anxiety and its impact on teenagers.
  2. Weekly Themes: Each week focuses on a specific aspect of anxiety management. Topics include recognizing emotions, understanding and addressing symptoms of anxiety, altering negative thought patterns, and developing coping strategies.
  3. Practical Tools: The course provides practical tools to combat anxious feelings and behaviors, including relaxation exercises and cognitive restructuring techniques.
  4. Engagement Activities: Participants are encouraged to engage in various activities and exercises, both during the sessions and as homework, to practice and reinforce the skills learned.
  5. Support for Facilitators: Materials include session plans, activity guides, and resources to assist facilitators in delivering the course effectively.
  6. Resources and Additional Exercises: The course includes a list of additional resources and exercises, enabling facilitators and participants to extend their learning and practice beyond the course framework.

Overall, the course is designed to be interactive, educational, and supportive, providing teens with the skills and knowledge they need to manage anxiety effectively and improve their overall well-being.