Free Anxiety & Depression Reduction Workshop for College/University Students (webinar & workbook)

The University of Arkansas has developed a video/workbook Anxiety & Depression Reduction Workshop tailored to college students facing the challenges of anxiety and depression. This five-session webinar series provides participants with lifelong strategies to identify triggering situations, recognize symptoms, and develop coping skills to manage anxiety and depression. It emphasizes that the goal is not to eliminate these feelings but to provide tools for better symptom management, encouraging practice and integration of these skills into daily life. The workshop also highlights the importance of seeking further support if needed through debriefing with a therapist after completion.

The webinar is accompanied by a free Anxiety & Depression Reduction Workbook. 

Understanding Anxiety & Depression


The Cognitive Behavior Model

Automatic Thoughts & Unhelpful Cognitions

Alternative Responses

Anxiety & Depression Reduction Workshop for College/University Students (free webinar & workbook)ANXIETY & DEPRESSION REDUCTION WORKSHOP WORKBOOK


Welcome & Frequently Asked Questions Confidentiality In-Session Worksheets Session 1: Understanding Anxiety & Depression

  • Square Breathing
  • Short Relaxation Techniques
  • Understanding Depressive Disorders
  • Stress Versus Anxiety
  • Understanding Anxiety Disorders
  • Stress Curve & Avoidance Roller Coaster
  • Threat System Symptoms

Session 2: Self-Care

  • Breath-Counting Exercise
  • Sleep Hygiene & Exercise Tips
  • Core Values Assessment
  • Self-Care Worksheet
  • Pleasant Activities List

Session 3: The Cognitive Behavioral Model

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script
  • Common Anxiety Symptoms
  • Common Depressive Symptoms
  • Example: Cross-Sectional Formulation (Anxiety)
  • Example: Cross-Sectional Formulation (Depression)
  • Cross-Sectional Formulation (Blank)
  • Feelings Wheel
  • Cross-Sectional Formulation (Blank)

Session 4: Automatic Thoughts and Unhelpful Cognitions

  • “54321” Grounding Exercise
  • Unhelpful Thinking Styles
  • Unhelpful Behaviors
  • Cross-Sectional Formulation (Blank)
  • Maintaining Depressed Mood Worksheet
  • Maintaining an Anxious State Worksheet

Session 5: Alternative Responses

  • Guided Imagery
  • Identifying Triggers Worksheet
  • Self-Affirmations Worksheet
  • Example: Alternative Response Worksheet (Anxiety)
  • Example: Alternative Response Worksheet (Depression)
  • Alternative Response Worksheet (Blank)
  • If you’re having trouble… Alternative Thought Questions
  • If you’re having trouble… Behavior & Feelings Questions
  • Other Helpful Thought Tips
  • My Plan for Managing Anxiety/Depression


  • Online Resources, Apps & Books
  • Helpful Behavioral Tips
  • Behavioral Tips for Managing Depression
  • Grounding Exercises
  • Cross-Sectional Formulation (Blank)
  • Alternative Response Worksheet (Blank)

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