School Refusal: What Parents Can Do – 1-Page Leaflet

School Refusal: What Parents Can Do - 1-Page Leaflet

The leaflet titled “School Refusal: What Parents Can Do” is an invaluable resource designed to support parents and guardians facing the challenging situation of a child who is reluctant or refuses to attend school. School refusal is characterized by a child’s consistent reluctance or refusal to attend school or difficulty staying in school, which can stem from various underlying issues, including anxiety, fear, or other mental health concerns.

This resource provides practical strategies and steps that parents can take to address and manage school refusal. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the child’s fears and anxieties, gradually exposing them to the school environment, and reinforcing the positive aspects of attending school. The leaflet suggests collaborating with educators, such as teachers and school guidance counselors, to create a supportive environment for the child.


  • Strategic Support: Offers parents a structured approach to help their child overcome school refusal, including gradual exposure to school and discussing the child’s feelings.
  • Promotes Positive Reinforcement: Highlights the importance of focusing on the positive aspects of school, such as learning and socialization, which can help change the child’s perception of school.
  • Encourages Professional Help: Advises obtaining a comprehensive evaluation from a mental health professional, underscoring the significance of addressing any underlying mental health issues.
  • Builds Confidence: Recommends encouraging hobbies and interests outside of school to help build the child’s self-confidence and provide healthy distractions.

How It Can Be Used:

  • Parental Guidance: Parents can use this leaflet as a guide to navigate the challenges associated with school refusal, implementing the suggested strategies to support their child.
  • Educational Resources: Schools and educators can distribute this leaflet to parents who might be dealing with this issue, offering them practical support and advice.
  • Mental Health Support: Therapists and counselors working with children and families can use this resource as part of their treatment plan, providing families with additional strategies to complement therapeutic interventions.
  • Community Awareness: Community organizations and support groups can utilize this leaflet to raise awareness about school refusal, offering support and resources to affected families.

“School Refusal: What Parents Can Do” serves as a crucial tool for parents, providing them with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively support their child through school refusal. By fostering a collaborative approach between the family, school, and mental health professionals, this resource plays an essential role in helping children overcome their fears and challenges associated with attending school.