My Symptoms of Anxiety Body Template

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“My Symptoms of Anxiety Body Template” is a resource designed to help individuals identify and understand the physical symptoms they experience when feeling anxious. It emphasizes that these symptoms are normal bodily reactions to situations perceived as threatening or worrying, which everyone might experience at some point.

The key points of the document include:

  1. Normalisation of Symptoms: It reassures the reader that physical symptoms of anxiety are normal and commonly experienced by many people.
  2. Identification of Symptoms: The resource lists various physical symptoms of anxiety, such as dizziness, dry mouth, fast heartbeat, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, stomach aches, feeling sick, and shaky legs.
  3. Personal Reflection: It encourages individuals to reflect on and identify which of these symptoms they personally experience when anxious.
  4. Variability in Symptoms: The document reminds readers that everyone’s symptoms of anxiety might differ, but they are all normal bodily reactions.

This resource is likely useful for individuals who are trying to understand their anxiety better and for professionals who assist people in managing anxiety. It provides a simple yet effective way to recognise and normalise the physical manifestations of anxiety.