Anxiety in Children Explained: Free Videos for Kids & Teens

Ever wondered about the reasons behind occasional intense feelings of anger or stress? In this video, science expert Lee Constable explores the factors contributing to these powerful emotions. Gaining insights into the workings of the human brain can lead to discovering techniques for relaxation during overwhelming moments and expressing emotions in healthier and more positive ways.

The brain may appear complex, but understanding it is not a cause for concern. In the featured video, the brain is dissected into three simple components for easy comprehension. Exploring these elements reveals insights into the origins of strong emotions and their mechanisms.

Explore how the brain has evolved to safeguard against danger! In this video, the science specialist, Lee Constable, provides insights into the stress response, which is the body’s reaction to perceived threats. Gain understanding of how this response influences daily life.

Learn effective techniques for calming anxiety in kids. Part 4 of the series provides valuable methods to find relief and take control.

Explore how the brain handles stress and discover practical techniques to stay calm. Delve into the ‘fight, flight, freeze, and fawn’ response, finding ways to calm the body and thoughts while activating the smart brain.

This animation is designed for use in schools, to help students aged 11 to 13 to normalise, understand and manage anxious feelings. A set of teaching resources are available to use alongside the animation – download them here

Anxiety relief coping skills for elementary/middle school students. Coping strategies for anxious or nervous feelings and emotions in children.
1) Understand Your Triggers, Causes, And Symptoms Of Anxiety
2) Use Coping Skills To Reduce And Better Manage Anxiety