Calming Techniques for Older Children Poster

Calming Techniques for Older Children PosterThe Calming Techniques for Older Children Poster is a practical resource designed to help children manage anxiety and stress through grounding and calming techniques. Created by WeHeartCBT, this poster provides simple yet effective strategies that children can use to reduce their heart rate and blood pressure when feeling anxious, helping them to refocus and feel better.

Key Techniques

The poster includes several calming techniques that are easy for children to remember and use:

  1. 5-4-3-2-1 Senses Exercise: This grounding technique encourages children to focus on their senses by identifying:

    • 5 things they can see
    • 4 things they can hear
    • 3 things they can feel or touch
    • 2 things they can smell
    • 1 thing they can taste
  2. Facts: Children are prompted to think about and name factual details about their current situation, such as their age, name, what they are wearing, the weather, and their location. This helps to anchor them in the present moment.

  3. Room Search: This technique involves choosing a category (e.g., colors, shapes, textures) and searching the room for items that fit the category. This activity helps divert attention from anxious thoughts to a more neutral focus.

Practical Applications

The Calming Techniques for Older Children Poster can be used in various settings to support children’s emotional regulation:

  1. At Home: Parents can display this poster in common areas to remind children of the techniques they can use when feeling anxious.

  2. In Schools: Teachers and school counsellors can use the poster in classrooms and counselling offices to help students manage stress and anxiety during the school day.

  3. Therapeutic Settings: Mental health professionals can incorporate these techniques into therapy sessions with children, providing them with practical tools to use outside of sessions.

  4. Youth Organisations: Groups focused on child welfare and mental health can use this poster in their programs to teach children effective coping strategies.

By utilizing the techniques on the Calming Techniques for Older Children Poster, children can learn to manage their anxiety more effectively, leading to improved focus, emotional stability, and overall well-being.