Free Great Minds Together: Coping with Anxiety Workbook

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF GREAT MINDS TOGETHER: COPING WITH ANXIETY WORKBOOKThis illustrated 32-page workbook helps children and teenagers cope with anxiety. It contains interactive activities to educate about anxiety, identify personal symptoms, and build skills.

Charts help map personal anxiety levels and warning signs. Worksheets guide users to identify anxious thoughts and reframe them positively. Breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques teach body calming. Additional tools build skills in problem-solving, managing anger, developing support systems, challenging cognitive distortions, and positive self-talk.

Key skills focus on recognizing triggers, using relaxation techniques, restructuring thoughts, grounding strategies, affirmations, and building resilience. A final activity summarizes learnings and helps identify coping tools to add to a personal toolkit.

The workbook uses simple language, coloring, and age-appropriate activities. The self-paced, interactive format builds capacity to monitor and manage anxiety. It would benefit children, parents, and teachers dealing with anxiety issues.


Activity 1 – Anxiety Levels
Activity 2 – Anxiety Preparation
Activity 3 – Break it Down
Activity 4 – Anxiety v Truth
Activity 5 – My Support System
Activity 6 – Star Breathing
Activity 7 – I Can
Activity 7 – Sort and Recycle
Activity 8 – Anger Thermometer
Activity 9 – Colour and Relax
Activity 10 – Mindfulness Meditation
Activity 11 – 5,4,3,2,1
Activity 12 – Umbrella
Activity 13 – Positive Affirmations
Activity 14 – Decatastrophising
Activity 15 – Challenging Anxious Thoughts
Activity 16 – Challenging Anxious Thoughts
Activity 17 – Anxiety Symptoms
Activity 18 – Are You Happy?
Activity 19 – Positive Self-Talk
Activity 20 – NOW
Activity 21 – Butterflies
Activity 21 – Mindfulness Minute
Activity 22 – Positive Affirmations Wordsearch


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