Free Changing Anxious Thoughts Worksheets for Children

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF CHANGING ANXIOUS THOUGHTS WORKSHEETS FOR CHILDREN“The ‘Changing Anxious Thoughts Worksheets for Children’ are a resource designed to help kids manage and replace negative or anxious thoughts with more positive and constructive ones. Each worksheet presents a specific situation, such as Lucy feeling frightened when encountering a friendly dog at the park. The aim is to address the negative thoughts associated with that situation and encourage the child to think of alternative, positive thoughts.

The resource includes the following components:

  • Situation Description: A brief description of a common scenario that might trigger anxiety or negative thoughts in children, like encountering a dog.
  • Negative Thought: A statement reflecting the anxious or negative thought that the child might have in that situation. For example, ‘Dogs are scary, and they might bite me.’
  • Textboxes for Positive Thoughts: Five empty textboxes are provided where the child can write down positive thoughts or alternative ways to think about the situation. These textboxes encourage the child to consider various positive perspectives and responses. The worksheet may provide one example of positive thoughts as guidance.
  • Examples of Positive Thoughts: This section includes a few pre-written positive thoughts as examples. These are meant to inspire the child and give them ideas for how to replace the negative thought with a more constructive one.

Overall, these worksheets serve as a practical tool for children to practice changing their anxious or negative thoughts into more positive and helpful ones in various real-life situations. They promote emotional resilience and teach children how to manage their feelings in a healthier way.”