Mental Health & Wellbeing Activity Pack For Parents, Schools and Youth Groups

Mental Health & Wellbeing Activity Pack For Parents, Schools and Youth GroupsThe “Mental Health & Wellbeing Activity Pack” is a valuable resource designed to support the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people, particularly during challenging times such as lockdown and home learning. This pack, offered by e-wellbeing, an NHS-approved digital wellbeing service in collaboration with YMCA Dialogue, provides a range of tools and worksheets for parents, schools, and youth groups to assist young individuals in managing their mental health effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the contents within the pack:

1. Welcome:

  • Introduction to e-wellbeing, an NHS-approved digital wellbeing service by YMCA Dialogue, offering practical tools and tips for children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing during lockdown.

2. Changes and Transitions Worksheet:

  • This worksheet explores the concept of change and how individuals cope with it in various areas of life, such as school, home, or with friends. It encourages reflection on strategies for dealing with change.

3. My Worries Worksheet:

  • A tool to help individuals identify their worries, examine the evidence for their concerns, and develop practical steps to address these worries.

4. Challenging Anxious Thoughts Exercise:

  • This exercise guides individuals in challenging anxious thoughts by reframing negative thinking patterns into more positive and realistic ones.

5. What is Self-Care? Colouring Sheet:

  • Explains the concept of self-care and provides a coloring sheet with various self-care activities that individuals can engage in to promote emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

6. Feelings about Lockdown Worksheet:

  • Encourages individuals to reflect on both positive and negative aspects of lockdown, what they have learned about themselves during this time, and how they can use lockdown to make positive changes.

7. Finding Your Calm Place Exercise:

  • A relaxation exercise that guides individuals to find a calm mental space by focusing on sensory experiences and imagery.

8. Grounding Technique:

  • A grounding exercise to help individuals stay present and reduce anxiety by noting five things they can see, four things they can touch, three things they can hear, two things they can smell, and one emotion they are feeling.

9. Breathing Technique:

  • A deep breathing exercise that promotes relaxation, with instructions for inhaling, holding, and exhaling, emphasizing controlled breathing for anxiety relief.

10. Resources and Support: – Provides information on finding local mental health support in Sussex, a link to crisis services, information about YMCA Dialogue’s therapeutic services, the e-wellbeing podcast, and a module on the e-wellbeing website specifically related to the impact of coronavirus on mental health.

11. Other Resources: – Offers a link to “Where To Go For,” a website providing information about various services in Brighton & Hove, including mental health, finances, drugs, sexual health, and local activities.

This activity pack serves as a comprehensive tool to help children and young people understand and manage their mental wellbeing during challenging times, providing practical exercises and resources to support their emotional health.