The Burns Anxiety Inventory (free)

The Burns Anxiety Inventory The Burns Anxiety Inventory is a psychological assessment tool designed to measure the level and severity of anxiety symptoms in individuals. It was developed by Dr. David D. Burns, a renowned psychiatrist and author, particularly known for his work in the area of cognitive therapy.

This inventory consists of a list of symptoms that people might experience when they feel anxious or stressed. Individuals are asked to rate the extent to which they have experienced each symptom during a specific period, typically the past week, including the day of the assessment. The responses are usually on a scale that ranges from “Not at All” to “A Lot.”

The Burns Anxiety Inventory is often used in clinical settings to help diagnose anxiety disorders and to monitor the progress of treatment. It is known for its ease of use and the speed with which it can be completed, making it a practical tool for both therapists and patients.

It is important to remember that while inventories such as The Burns Anxiety Inventory can be helpful in identifying symptoms of anxiety, a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified mental health professional is essential for an accurate diagnosis and the development of an effective treatment plan.