Got Anxiety? A Leaflet for College Students

Got Anxiety? A Leaflet for College Students

The leaflet titled “Got Anxiety? A Leaflet for College Students” is a crucial resource designed to help college students identify and address anxiety and anxiety disorders. It recognizes the high-pressure environment of college life, where students juggle academic responsibilities, social life, personal issues, and the challenges of becoming independent. This resource aims to distinguish between normal anxiety levels and anxiety disorders, offering practical advice and coping strategies to manage anxiety effectively.

This leaflet provides an overview of what constitutes normal anxiety versus symptoms of an anxiety disorder. It outlines various forms of anxiety disorders, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and others, detailing their characteristics and how they might manifest in a college setting. It emphasizes that while anxiety is a common and natural response to stress, anxiety disorders go beyond typical anxiety levels, causing significant distress and impacting daily functioning.


  • Increased Awareness: The leaflet raises awareness among college students about the signs of anxiety disorders, helping them to recognize when their anxiety is more than just stress and might require professional intervention.
  • Practical Coping Strategies: It provides practical tips and “busters” for managing anxiety, such as exercising, maintaining a balanced diet, limiting alcohol and caffeine intake, and engaging in relaxation techniques.
  • Encourages Seeking Help: By outlining the difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorders, the leaflet encourages students to seek help early, detailing how and where they can find support, including counseling centers, health professionals, and reputable organizations like the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

How It Can Be Used:

  • Educational Tool for Students: Can be used by students to self-assess their anxiety levels and understand when to seek help.
  • Resource for University Counseling Centers: Counseling and health centers can distribute this leaflet as part of orientation packages or during mental health awareness events to educate students.
  • Guide for Faculty and Staff: Helps university faculty and staff recognize signs of anxiety disorders in students, fostering a supportive environment and referring students to appropriate resources.
  • Support for Student Organizations: Student organizations focused on mental health and wellness can use the leaflet in their programming and peer support activities to facilitate discussions around managing anxiety and promoting mental health on campus.

“Got Anxiety? A Leaflet for College Students” is an essential tool in the broader effort to support mental health in higher education. By providing clear information, actionable advice, and reassurance, it empowers students to take charge of their mental health and seek the support they need to thrive academically, socially, and personally during their college years.