Free Anxiety Secondary School Guide

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF ANXIETY SECONDARY SCHOOL GUIDEThis guide provides helpful information and resources for supporting yourself, colleagues, pupils and the wider school community with feelings of anxiety. It includes top tips from staff members on managing anxiety, like taking things one day at a time, being honest about triggers, and being kind to yourself. There are links to resources on breathing exercises, burnout, and setting boundaries from organizations like Mental Health Foundation, Education Support, Samaritans, and Mind. The guide has classroom activities, lesson plans, worksheets, and apps to help students understand and manage anxiety and worry by identifying associated thoughts, feelings, and physical signs. It provides resources specifically for young people on coping strategies and understanding anxiety.

Tips are included on how schools can support staff and students through actions like creating a safe space, training, measuring wellbeing, and fundraising. Information on support services like helplines and text services from Samaritans, Mind, The Mix, and Childline is also covered. The guide provides a comprehensive set of resources and information to help school staff support themselves, colleagues, and students in dealing with anxiety and creating a more supportive environment.


  • Supporting yourself and colleagues with feelings of anxiety
  • Top tips
  • Resources
  • Support services for adults
  • Supporting your pupils with feelings of anxiety
  • Classroom activities
  • Resources for young people
  • Support services for children and young people
  • Resources for parents and carers
  • Supporting staff and pupils as a school
  • Fundraising at your school