Free Worry Workbook for Children

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF WORRY WORKBOOK FOR CHILDRENThe aim of this 18-page illustrated workbook is to help children manage worry and anxiety. It includes interactive activities and exercises focused on building self-awareness, coping skills, support systems, and resilience.

The workbook starts with sections for a child to introduce themselves and explore emotions. Activities help children identify physical symptoms and effects of worry. Coping skills covered include progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, thought challenging, and expressing emotions.

Children are guided to draw their support network and sources of help. Goal setting, reviewing strategies, and making a wellbeing plan are also included. The workbook uses simple language, inviting questions, coloring, journaling, and drawing to engage children and make concepts more concrete.

Key skills focused on include identifying emotions, recognizing anxious thinking, diaphragmatic breathing, cognitive restructuring, problem-solving, accessing social support, and building self-efficacy. The interactive nature allows self-paced learning and skill-building.

This comprehensive resource could benefit school counselors, social workers, psychologists, parents, and other professionals helping children manage anxiety. Its warm tone and fun activities support active coping skill development.