Free How to Support a Child Experiencing Exam Stress: One-page Guidance

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF HOW TO SUPPORT A CHILD EXPERIENCING EXAM STRESS: ONE-PAGE GUIDANCEThis resource is a valuable guide that aims to assist individuals, particularly parents, caregivers, and professionals, in understanding and providing support to children who are experiencing exam stress. Experiencing worry and stress about tests and exams is a common experience for children and young people. This resource provides essential insights and practical advice to help them navigate and cope with this stress effectively.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding Exam Stress: The resource explains the nature of exam stress in children and highlights that it’s a typical response to academic challenges.
  • Recognising Signs: It helps readers recognise signs of exam stress in children, including disrupted sleep, reassurance-seeking, avoidance of school-related activities, and overworking.
  • What to Do: The resource offers practical advice on how to support children when they are experiencing exam stress, including promoting self-care and effective study habits.
  • When to Be Concerned: It outlines indicators of when to be concerned about a child’s exam stress, particularly if it significantly impacts their daily life or becomes disproportionate to the situation.
  • Useful Apps: The resource recommends useful apps for additional support and clarifies that these apps are not supplied by the NHS.
  • Normalizing Anxiety: The resource emphasises that anxiety is a natural emotion and provides strategies for managing it during the exam period.

This resource serves as a valuable tool for anyone seeking to better comprehend and support children dealing with exam stress. By offering clear and practical insights, it contributes to the well-being of both children and their caregivers. It is a resource that can help create a more informed and supportive community.