Calm: Soothing Worries – Wellbeing Activity from The Art Room

Calm: Soothing Worries - Wellbeing Activity from The Art RoomThe “Calm: Soothing Worries” wellbeing activity from The Art Room is a creative and therapeutic resource designed to help primary-aged children manage their anxiety and stress. This resource includes three engaging activities aimed at settling thoughts, soothing senses, and sharing worries, providing children with practical and fun ways to cope with their emotions.

“Calm: Soothing Worries” is a set of creative activities that guide children through processes to manage anxiety. These activities include making art, creating sensory gardens, and crafting worry dolls. The resource is supported by videos featuring Place2Be Ambassador Ricky Martin, known as CBBC’s Art Ninja, who guides children through each activity.

This resource is ideal for primary-aged children who experience worry and anxiety. It is also beneficial for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals looking for effective ways to support children in managing their emotions. The activities can be done independently or with adult supervision, making them versatile for various settings, including home, school, and therapy sessions.

How It Can Be Used:

  1. At Home: Parents can use these activities to help their children explore and manage their worries in a creative and supportive environment. The activities can become part of a daily routine to help children settle their thoughts and emotions.

  2. In School: Teachers can incorporate these activities into their classroom to provide students with tools to manage stress and anxiety. The activities can be used during dedicated mental health lessons or as part of regular class activities.

  3. In Therapy: Mental health professionals can use these activities during therapy sessions to help children express and manage their feelings creatively. The structured yet flexible nature of the activities makes them suitable for various therapeutic approaches.

  4. Interactive Learning: Each activity includes a step-by-step guide and a video tutorial by Ricky Martin, making it easy for children to follow along. The resource also includes a recommended booklist for further exploration of worry and anxiety themes.

The “Calm: Soothing Worries” activity not only helps in addressing immediate concerns but also teaches valuable skills for long-term emotional regulation and mindfulness. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and open communication, which are essential for children’s mental health and well-being.